Little Videos with Big Messages

I’m not going to lie, some of these videos are really tough to watch. I struggled with the idea of featuring such heavy content on my blog for quite a while. It almost got scrapped numerous times, but in the end I (obviously) decided that this was something that needed to see the light of day. Why? Because sometimes sadness is good for the soul. It keeps us grounded and puts things into perspective. It reminds us to think of others and can even touch our hearts in such a way that we feel moved to do some good in the world. Some of these videos are tough to watch because they bring to our attention things that we would rather sweep under the rug and pretend don’t happen. They cause us to think twice about if we are doing our part to make the world a better place, and I think that’s important.

That being said, some of these videos are not suitable for children and may contain sad and/or disturbing elements. They deal with difficult issues that may be triggering for some viewers. I’ve organized the videos so that all the heavier topics are addressed first, followed by the lighter ones. If you aren’t feeling the somber mood, I suggest heading to the bottom of this post and watching the videos from the bottom up until you feel like the videos are getting too weighty.


Mental illness isn’t always obvious.


Child pornography is even worse than you imagined.


Knowledge is the first step in prevention.


Instead of being a joyous and love-filled occasion, some weddings can signify the beginning of disadvantage and deprivation.


Be kind to everything that lives.


Don’t drink and drive.


Love is more than just a feeling, it’s an action.


Don’t look down on people who haven’t been able to achieve things that seem easy to you, you may have had a head start. Instead, use the opportunities you have been given to help others.


You don’t need to agree with someone to show them kindness and respect.


What you consider to be “imperfections” may actually be other people’s definition of beauty.


Work to be your own hero.


You can be anything.


Happiness shrinks and grows in proportion with one’s thankfulness.


Watch who you’re messing with.


Two heads are better than one.


Thank you for taking the time to check out this post. Video is such a great medium for portraying such a wonderful variety of messages. As always, I love a good video, so feel free to share links to some of your favourite YouTube videos in the comments.




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