My Ottawa Bucket List

I’ve lived in Ottawa for just over two years now, and I love it. But some days I feel like I’m running out of new things to do. Especially recently, my wanderlust has been kicking into high gear and I feel ready to move on and explore a new place. However, schooling has got me tied down to this city for at least another year, so instead of focussing my free time dreaming of all the different countries I want to travel to, I decided to satisfy my wander cravings by finding 20 small adventures I’d like to embark on in (or around) this beautiful city I call home. Here are the first 10.


Spend a day experiencing ultimate relaxation at the Nordic Spa.

This luxurious nature spa is located just outside of Ottawa in Chelsea, Quebec. Word on the block is that the most exciting aspects offered are the thermal cycle (consisting of specialized heating, cooling, and reset areas) and the Källa Treatment (where you can experience weightlessness while floating in a salt-water pool).

Have a few of the aesthetic evening cocktails offered at the Moonroom.

I have seen pictures of some of the cocktails offered at Moonroom and, I must say, they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. One looked like it had a whole sandwich stacked on top of it in the form of some type of skewer. I have a feeling this could be either very good or very bad, and I’m excited to find out.

Complete all the hikes mentioned in Michael Haynes’ book, Hiking the trails of Ottawa, the National Capital Region, and Beyond.

There are 50 different hikes mentioned in this book. They are, to my relief, rated on a difficulty scale from one to five, so I will be able to start with the easier hikes and work my way up. It also includes details such as length, expected completion time, and whether or not there are fees associated with the trail. This handy-dandy hiking book is available for purchase on Amazon.

Grab and ‘gram some tasty treats from Holland’s Cake and Shake.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love beautifully decorated, over-the-top sweet treats. In fact, I can almost guarantee that this will be checked off my bucket list by the end of this week.

Get dressed up to catch a movie at Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne VIP.

I’ve heard rumours that you can order full meals and drinks and that the chairs are way comfier. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? I’m on a mission to find out.

Taste test some of the unique flavours that SusyQ Donuts has to offer.

This has been on my bucket list for quite a while and if I listen hard enough, I can almost hear the Blue Vanilla Fruit Loop calling my name. Admittedly, I’m not a huge donut lover but these donuts look like the donuts of all donuts, and who knows? Maybe they’ll change my opinions of donuts forever.

Build an igloo and go winter camping at Clyde Mine.

At two hours away from Canada’s Capital, this location in Labelle, Quebec is a bit of a road trip. In fact, this one would probably be more of a weekend adventure but it looks like these icicle filled caves would be totally worth the trip. This is a camping experience that has potential to create memories that last a lifetime.

Have drinks and appies on the Barley Mow rooftop.

What could be more romantic than having dinner on the roof, looking down on the street with all the beautiful little patio lights shining above you? I sense this might make for a movie-like future date night.

Spend a hot summer’s day at Canada’s biggest water park, Calypso

Calypso looks like my childhood dream. Okay, let’s be honest, it looks like my current dream. It would break my heart to leave Ottawa without ever having visited this impressive attraction.

Indulge my sweet tooth with some mouth-watering treats from the Stella Luna Gelato Cafe.

Their award-winning gelato is what’s beckoning me in, but, judging from their website, they have a whole lot more to offer. Between beautiful specialty coffees, salads, waffles, and crepes, I already have a feeling this is going to quickly become one of my new favourite cafes.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the first 10 activities I hope to accomplish before leaving Ottawa. If you liked this post and want to see more like it, let me know and I’ll release the other 10 bucket list items sometime in the near future.

Have you done any of these activities? Did you enjoy them? Let me know in the comments below.




Continued November 28, 2017

Hello again, and thank you for joining me for the second instalment of My Ottawa Bucket List. Here are the final 10 items that I hope to accomplish before leaving Ottawa.


Experience ultimate relaxation whilst floating in a sensory deprivation tank at ISÖ Spa Floatation Centre

Ever since I found out about sensory deprivation tanks this summer, I’ve been dying to try one out. Imagine floating in a pool of nothingness and having zero of your senses stimulated. I can’t imagine anything more relaxing, and I am so excited to try this one out.

Take a class at LOAM Clay Studio to learn one of the most delightfully cultivated, aesthetically pleasing, and satisfying forms of art.

I have been intrigued by the pottery process for quite some time now and I figure it’s time for me to give it a go. There is something so appealing about this hands-on form of creative expression. It reminds me of a more complicated, grown-up version of Play-Doh, and you better believe I’m here for it.

Pretend that I’m part of an action movie at Escape Manor.

Dragging my friends out shouldn’t be too hard for this one, it seems like the absolute perfect group activity. My one question is, are these rooms scary? They seem kinda scary. I mean, sign me up… but I do like to be prepared.

Catch a show at the National Arts Centre

There are so many great shows going on at the NAC. I personally would love to experience one of the ballets that they put on. (Speaking of, does anyone know someone who is selling tickets to the Nutcracker this year?)

Head over to Maverick’s Donut Company and create a couple donut masterpieces.

For someone who doesn’t necessarily like donuts all that much, I realize that donut related things may be on my bucket list two too many times. What can I say? I love to hand out second chances like nobody’s business. My thoughts behind this were that maybe if I had more control over the process, I could create my version of a perfect donut that I would thoroughly enjoy.

Try the most dangerous art style that I’m aware of – other than those of the martial persuasion, of course – at Flo Glassblowing.

The glass blowing process is even more beautiful than it is dangerous. I can’t wait to yield a fiery, red-hot metal pole of molten glass and use it to create a delicate piece of glass decor. Come to think of it, the whole process seems wonderfully ironic.

Spend a day partaking in some of the great activities that Camp Fortune has to offer.

This place has so many activities, I could spend days here. They offer zip-lining, snowshoeing, disc golf, aerial tours, and skiing among other activities. It seems like a completely different place and culture depending on what season you go in.  I want to try at least one winter activity and one summer activity to get a more well-rounded experience.

Take some time to explore Dow’s Lake, paddle boat style.  

Paddle boating seems like an awesome date idea. I could totally picture an early morning paddling around Dow’s Lake followed by a nice brunch. Paddle boats are a lot harder to flip than canoes, and I know Seth will definitely appreciate that.

Get centred at Yoga on the Hill.

This has been on my bucket list since I first moved to Ottawa, unfortunately, I’ve never been around to attend a class. Maybe this year I’ll get lucky with the timing?

Enjoy dinner, cocktails, or beautiful sunset – all three would be ideal – on the water with Capital Cruise.

Looking for the perfect date night idea? Look no further. Tell me, what’s more romantic than good food, live music, a boat, and a beautiful sunset? Not much, that’s for sure.


That brings us to the end of my bucket list. I love to hear what some of your Ottawa bucket list items are. Is there anything that you think I missed? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,







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