I Started a Blog

I’m sure you’ve already figured that out by this point, but I can bet you probably don’t know why. In short, I love creating content. I love being able to spread my ideas and opinions and have a platform where I can express myself. But most importantly, I love sharing positivity and sprinkling beautiful things on the world. Things may be a little rough to start as I figure this whole process out but I’ll hope you’ll join me for the ride.


I’m going to begin by sharing a little bit about my journey so far:

I have lived in eight different cities across three different provinces. Before graduating in 2015, I attended four different schools. The summer after graduation, I began packing my bags with plans to move from the corn capital of Canada to the actual capital of Canada. I am in my third year of studying Advertising and Marketing Communications Management.

I love animals and have cared for at least nine species including: multiple salamanders, a gerbil, a hamster, two dogs, a caterpillar that turned into a moth, two guinea pigs, multiple fish, and three cats. If you count family pets, we can add horses, cows, and a bearded dragon in there too. Raymond, a black guinea pig, is the OG pet of the family. He was also the only pet of the family until yesterday, when Seth surprised me with the cutest, cuddliest kitten you ever did see. His name is Jase and I’m already obsessed with him.

I also LOVE travelling. I just came back from a week in New York City where I probably spent 14 hours a day running around to see as much as I could. Currently, Seth and I are working our way through all the provinces and territories in Canada, and I’d say we are close to halfway done.

Speaking of Seth, I got married to the most wonderful man almost three months ago. He’s wicked smart and crazy funny. He’s my best friend and I am excited to spend the rest of this journey celebrating life and worshiping God with him.

I am getting a little more into cooking lately. It has gone from an intense disdain to a rather relaxed appreciation in the past couple months. However, I still prefer going out and usually gravitate towards anything ice cream, fresh fruit, pasta, sushi, or crepe orientated.

In my free time, I like to dance around my house, watch YouTube and Netflix videos, and browse social media. You’re likely to find me grabbing food with friends or calling my family. If I’m feeling especially motivated, I might be practicing my photography and video skills, decorating/cleaning my house, or planning a new adventure.

I am almost always trying to find fashion inspiration on Pinterest and adding things that I’m not going to buy (but really, really want to) to my online Sephora cart.

I believe some of the most precious and meaningful things in life are: good talks, powerful songs, inspiring messages, kind words, cozy nights. walks through the city, a book that keeps you turning the pages, notes from friends, old photos, hugs from Seth, cuddles from my kitten, squeaking with my guinea pig, and spending time with family.


There is so much more about me and my journey that I could share with you, but then I would have nothing for my future blog posts. I hope that you enjoyed reading this and that you’ll join me as I share more about the road I travelled.




The beautiful moment featured for this blog post was captured by Sarah Josza.


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